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What are the nutritional value of sesame

Publish alex On 2016-05-24

According to the determination, sesame seeds contain a variety of nutrients, hectogram sesame protein containing 21.9 grams, 61.7 grams fat, 564 milligrams of calcium, phosphorus 368 mg; especially the high iron content, per 100 grams can be as high as 50 mg.
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Therefore, the ancients said sesame can "fill in essence", "Yi Sui", "blood", according to the. In addition, sesame also contains fat soluble vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, etc.. Sesame seeds contain fat, most of the unsaturated fatty acids, is particularly important for the elderly, ancient people on ingestion of sesame in addition to all ills, youth and immortality of the argument, appears to be a grain of truth. Sesame anti-aging effect, but also it contains a wealth of vitamin E this has an important value of nutrients. Mechanism of vitamin E is antioxidant, it can prevent the body to produce lipid peroxidation, so as to maintain containing unsaturated fatty acids are concentrated in the cell membrane integrity and normal function, and other components of the body by preventing lipid peroxidation damage. In addition, a decrease in lipofuscin accumulation in vitamin E also. All of these can play a role in delaying aging.
Sesame seeds contain rich in lecithin, linoleic acid, not only in the treatment of atherosclerosis, Bunao, enhance memory, and prevent hair prematurely white, shedding and skin beauty, maintain and restore youthful vitality. Chinese medicine believes that sesame is a kind of nourishing strong medicine, blood, Runchang, Sheng Jin, Tongru and hair etc.. For frail, early white hair, body fluid deficiency, anemia, constipation and other symptoms of dizziness and tinnitus. The study found that the sesame seeds also contain the antioxidant selenium, it has enhanced cellular resistance to harmful substances, which play a role in longevity.

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