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Puffed Cereal Bar Processing Line Cost

Publish admin On 2018-01-26

Our puffed cereal bar processing line is particularly suitable for the production of viscous food, such as nutrition cereal bars, energy bars, rods, nuts, milk, nougat nougat ShaQima, able to fit the chocolate layer machine, drawloom. The production line has the advantages of simple operation, convenient use, large quantity of production, good cutting shape, and arbitrary adjustment of length and short length. In a new generation of energy bar production line machine with high degree of automation, the machine has reasonable structure, convenient operation and maintenance, is the ideal equipment for food manufacturers of nutritional cereal bars, nougat milk Fu, especially food with large viscosity.

Puffed cereal bar processing line  process:
Rice (wheat kernel) air puffing -- rice flower (wheat flower) automatic wind screening and screening -- rice flower (wheat flower) automatic drying -- Automatic sugar mixing, sugar automatic forming, automatic conveying cooling, automatic packaging, automatic transportation, packing and warehousing.

Pre sale service
In order to customers to win the market, the company is specially designed for customers early cost accounting, market information analysis, plant design and planning, to make more perfect.
Production technology training
In order to be responsible for the customers, after the sale of large equipment, so that our customers can master the professional knowledge of equipment operation, maintenance and maintenance, the company sends professional technicians to install, debug, and ensure the customers produce the qualified products.
After-sale maintenance service
The company has a special line telephone for technical service. It answers in time for the majority of users, excludes various difficult problems in the production process, and is equipped with full-time technician to visit the customers, providing timely equipment repair and warranty services.

automatic puffed cereal bar processing line

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