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Peanut Nuts Candy Cutting Machine For Sale

Publish admin On 2018-01-09

The nuts candy bar production line is mainly used for the production of peanut cow sugar, mainly composed of steaming machine, mixer, press roll, cooling machine, cutting machine and so on. The complete process of completing the whole process from raw materials to finished products is highly automated, and does not destroy the internal nutritional components of the product. The line has the advantages of reasonable structure, high efficiency, beautiful appearance, safety and health, stable performance and so on. This is an ideal device that helps to reduce production costs and produce high quality Niu rolled sugar. The resulting Naugat has a good balance of hardness and softness, with good taste.

The peanut candy cutting machine widely used for cutting sticky sugar, the sugar crisp candy cutting machine, nougat, crispy peanut, sesame sugar, sorghum syrup, caramel, Kennedy fructose and hawthorn block etc.
Made of stainless steel, safer, healthier and more durable.
It will complete two cuts through horizontal and vertical.
The cutting width is 490mm and the highest height is 35mm. Both of them can be adjusted.
The peanut candy forming machine is cut by precision blanking. The cutting machine take with flat cut,the candy cutted all are with the same size. It is particularly suitable for the use of pastry rooms. The machine is simple in operation, fast in discharging and low in wear rate. It can not only reduce the working time of the workers, but also greatly improve the efficiency of the whole production. This machine is made of stainless steel, and its good performance is very popular with factories and stores.

peanut candy candy bar cutting machine with low price

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