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Peanut Candy Cutting Machine For Sale

Publish admin On 2018-02-01

The type of  peanut candy cutting machine is widely used for cutting raw materials such as candy, crisp candy, praline, peanut crisp, sesame candy, sorghum syrup, milk candy, nut candy and hawthorn fruit.

Made of stainless steel, safer, healthier and more durable.
It will cut horizontally and vertically twice.
Cutting width of 490mm, the maximum height of 35 mm, both adjustable.

First, the product quality commitment:
1, the product manufacturing and testing have quality records and test data.
After passing the installation 2, the detection of product performance, we sincerely invite users to visit the whole process of the product, full performance inspection, until the product was confirmed box delivery.
Second, the product price commitment:
1, in order to ensure the high reliability and advanced products, the system selection of high quality products are selected.
2, under the same competitive conditions, our company in good faith to the most preferential prices on the basis of not to reduce product technical performance, change the price of the product components to you.

automatic peanut candy cutting machine for sale

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