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Peanut Candy Making Machine With Low Price

Publish admin On 2017-12-18

Automatic peanut candy making machine is used to make peanut rbittle candy.Including peanut toaster, peanut peeling machine, sugar cooker, sugar and peanut mixer, peanut candy machine and peanut candy packing machine.

The peanut brittle candy bar making machine line has a high degree of automation, can be completed from raw materials to finished products in one step, without damaging the nutritional content of the product.

The peanut candy production line has the advantages of reasonable structure, high efficiency, beautiful appearance, safe and reliable, stable performance and so on.It is an ideal device to reduce production costs and produce high quality products.This line from Naugat has a balanced hardness and softness and a good mouthfeel.For puffed candy rice, sachets, nuts crisp, peanut crisp and so on.

Peanut candy making machine working video:

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