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Peanut Candy Making Machine Line Flow Chart

Publish admin On 2017-12-13

Peanut candy is popularity over the world. But do you know how the peanut candy is made ? What is the peanut candy bar production line flow chart ? Today,i will show the peanut candy production line flow chart.

Peanut candy bar maker Flow Chart:
 Raw peanut---Peanut roasting machine---Peanut peeling machine---electric sugar boiler---Mixing machine---Conveyor---Peanut bar cutting machine---Automaitc pillow packing machine.

The peanut candy production line also can make puffed rice candy, rice crispy candy, peanut candy, seed candy and seasame candy and Caramel and others.

Peanut candy making machine line features:
1. Double frequency control, smooth, cutting molding.
2. Multi-layer structure, the smooth uniform thickness of the suppression.
3 Advanced frequency control products to meet your needs.
4. Automatic cutting, saving time, labor and economic convenience

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