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Automatic Peanut Brittle Making Machine For Sale

Publish admin On 2018-02-24

The peanut brittle making machine is widely used for cutting mucins, candy, nougat, peanut candy, sesame candy, sorghum syrup, milk candy, hawthorn cube nuts, etc.
The peanut brittle candy machine made of stainless steel, safer, healthier and more durable.
It will cut horizontally and vertically twice.Cutting width of 490mm, the maximum height of 35mm, they can both adjust.

1 The peanut candy production line to achieve the automatic feeding of raw materials, feeding, forming and cutting.
2 You just need to feed the hopper into the hopper, and then the shaper will finish the job, press it, cool and demold it automatically.
3 cutting speed automatic control, feed automatically, cut material automatically.
4 peanut crisp can be cut automatically horizontal and vertical, and the size of crispy peanuts can be based on customer requirements.
5 finished peanut crisp smooth appearance, neat and tidy, high production efficiency.
6 for caramel, peanut crisp, sesame candy.

peanut crispy making machine for sale

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