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Professional Peanut Candy Making Machine Supplier

Publish admin On 2018-01-18

We are peanut candy machine manufacturer in china,provide all the customer with professional peanut brittle making machine.
Peanut candy making  machine is a long food line developed by our company. Every machine in the middle can be connected seamlessly. Only a simple turn of the screw can complete the disassembly and installation of the machine quickly. The width and height of the machine are all well designed. At the same time, the production line is also very laborsaving. Every 1-2 machines may only need one manual operation to satisfy the current labor market's difficult employment and high labor cost.

The continuous feeding machine, automatic cutting, automatic by pressing, automatic vertical cutting; seven automatic leveling leveling, moderate density, uniform thickness; frequency adjustment, cutting, molding is good size precision; machine continuous production, without manual connection, realize automatic, intelligent operation.

automatic peanut candy brittle making machine production line supplier

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