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How to make sesame sugar?

Publish alex On 2016-06-16

1:Prepare all the ingredients into the pot and stir fry until dry, black and white sesame seed color aroma can release micro. Remove from heat reserve. (cooked white and black sesame seeds. Stir fry for a while.)
2:Thick at the bottom of the saucepan into honey and fine sugar, a small fire boil ~ first stirring until sugar dissolved. You can stop stirring action! To shake single pot pie ~ let sugar and honey mixing uniformity, cook to bubble dense, the color rendering deep some Caramel stalled immediately the speculation over black and white sesame seeds. Fast mix evenly ~ make sesame uniform stick wrapped in syrup into the.
3:Will mix of sesame sugar, shop in the baking heat resistant plates stained cloth (baked with a baking paper) can sesame sugar is spread into a flake. With rod surface stick while hot. Will sesame candy bar into the appropriate size of the whole sheet ~ (thickness about 0.3~0.5cm best. Serve hot with a sharp knife, sesame sugar cut out the proper size and shape can be. After the complete cooling, the box can be stored in the box!
4:Mix sesame sugar must be hot and malleable. As soon as the rod into a sheet, so as to avoid cooling hardens difficult!
5:Black and white sesame. The aroma is slightly different, the two mixed use better flavor! Can alter the adjustment of proportion of black and white sesame. In addition to honey and a little sugar. No extra additives to eat quite tasty and not sticky teeth, healthy snacks they have.
6:The sesame sugar is not suitable for placed in the jar ", because of its sweet taste agent source ~ Honey higher proportion, sugar less. Although sesame sugar block (with soft Q taste..) but not general. Adding malt and sugar that made out of hard ~ so... Put into wide mouth like fresh keeping box is more convenient to take the!

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