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Publish alex On 2016-06-21

Peanuts in China & the World

In addition to various peanut butter machines, we also export fine peanuts and peanut kernels to the whole world. China, the US, Argentina and India are the top four peanut exporters. From 2002-2012, the average annual peanut export volume in China, the United States, Argentina and India, are 359.9 tons, 196.2 tons, 170.5 tones and 119.6 tons respectively, accounting for 29.05% of the total exports of the world peanut, 15.84%, 13.76% and 9.65%, respectively, and together accounted for 68.30% of the world's average annual export volume. Thanks to fertile wilds, warm weather and vast land, China is capable to produce peanuts in the whole year, and if you have any requirement and need, we do believe we can provide beyond your mind.

An Introduction to Peanuts

The peanut or groundnut was probably first domesticated and cultivated in the South America. Peanut is cultivated in more than one hundred countries in the world at present, most common in Asian and followed by Africa. Peanut cultivation history in Chinese document is 100 years earlier than in Europe. Thanks to its high oil content, rich nutrition and dedicate smell, peanut is known as meat bean. Addition for food, peanut is also applied into printing and dyeing and paper industry. Peanut is also one kind of traditional Chinese medicines good for malnutrition, stomach disorder and breast milk lacking.

Peanut Nutrition

Size: 7/9, 8/10, 9/11, 10/12, 12/14, 11/13, 13/15 KPO
Package: In New Strong polypropylene woven bags, 30 kg each
Moisture: 9.0% max
Aflatoxin B1: 2 ppb max
Admixture: 1% max
Aflatoxin B1+B2+G1+G2: 4 ppb max

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