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The process and technology of peanut fryer machine

Publish admin On 2016-07-14

With the development of modern industry, especially the development of machinery industry over these years, peanut machinery has got a good improvement. Especially the changes in agricultural policies, under the policy of vigorously developing the first industry and industry nurturing agriculture, the agricultural machinery including peanut frying machine achieves rapid development over these years. By taking the advanced frying process and technology abroad as reference, our company has made continuous improvement and optimization of frying machine, which adopts the advanced technology of "oil-water mixture" and "oil-water separation" that completely changed the structure of traditional frying equipment, fundamentally get rid of the disadvantages of the traditional frying machines with more convenient, more secure and more healthy use. The temperature of water can be set. Compared with the measured temperature, if the temperature is higher than the set temperature, then cooling measures can be taken to prevent water boiling phenomenon. The residues of fried food produced in the process can be filtered by water and fall into the lower part of the funnel, then discharged from the sewage outfall. Compared with ordinary frying machine, food processed by the fryer machine does not contain heavy metals and other harmful substances.

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