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The origin of peanut butter

Publish admin On 2016-11-10

Peanut candy is a kind of tradition snack invented in Han Dynasty, which is made of peanuts, sugars, and other condiments. With the characteristics of crisp taste and cheap price, the peanut candy is one of the most favorable snacks among consumers.

peanut candy

It’s said that the earliest time of peanut candy was the Warring States period in 475-221BC, due to the frequent wars at that time, every person was worried about how to survive, so some rich people began to leave their hometown to avoid suffering from wars. In the war period, some rich people added the maltose into peanut in a form of boiling, and then cut it into small pieces, which was the ancestor of peanut candy, and was also regarded as the earliest peanut candy in the world. In the 12 century, peanut candy first introduced into the country of Arabia, and then spread to Greece and Europe and around the world.
Through decades of development, the peanut candy is still in a condition of single product, however, as the innovation and improvements of food machinery industry is speeding up, the classification of peanut candy is diversified step by step, and different peanut candy is produced by the processing machine currently. As a representative of traditional snacks, the peanut candy helps women who like eating peanut candy to get rid of putting weight, and keeps diabetes patients from the danger of make their body condition deteriorate.
Only with innovation can the producer to make progresses all the time. In the modern times, the production of peanut candy is completed by automatic making machines due to the continuous development of food machinery industry. When making peanut candy, sesame, milk, cream and nuts can be added in order to improve the flavor, and better to meet the market need.
Nowadays, the method for making peanut candy is spread to many regions and countries in the world, thanks to the unremitting efforts of our ancestors, so the production of peanut candy is getting easier and easier.

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