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Peanut sesame seed candy at home how to do

Publish admin On 2016-05-06

1 first look at the material: peanuts, white sesame seeds, sugar, vegetable oil.
2, each a small bowl of white sesame peanut. White sugar bowl.
3 start with a small fire fried peanuts.
4 very impatient, fried twenty minutes is still no change. In the process, the feeling that the peanut is not very hot, simply by hand directly to the peanut skin rub off.

5 later turned into a fire, this peanut clothing has been the same as I rub. I saw a little coke, but also smell the fragrance, sheng.
6 to remove the fried peanuts, this process is quite easy, because I have to remove most of the time when the.
7 to be cooled with plastic wrap to be crushed. (too broken)

8 then mix the white sesame seeds with the peanuts.

9 heat the pan into the amount of vegetable oil, add sugar to the.
10 I was in the fire and stir fry until the sugar completely dissolved.
11 into the mix of peanuts and sesame seeds.
12 quick stir evenly.
13 the board on a tin foil, the mixed peanut sesame into, with a scraper flattening.
14 cut into any shape, can be eaten after cooling.

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