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The practice of family food, peanuts brittle, peanut candy how to do

Publish alex On 2016-03-11

peanuts brittle,rom a health point of view, we look to see what benefits:
Ingredients peanuts, peanut is very rich in nutrients, can promote human growth and development, improve intelligence, increase the ability of the brain to memory, but also anti aging anti premature aging. Can prevent colon cancer, protect the heart and lungs. Peanuts have "arterial street sweeper," the reputation, can significantly reduce total cholesterol and harmful cholesterol levels, the cardiovascular disease is very good.
In addition to the peanut this time I put some sesame, with sesame taste better oh. And the benefits of sesame are also many: Sesame contains a lot of protein, as well as dietary fiber, vitamin. Linoleic acid in sesame seeds can also regulate cholesterol. Sesame in VE can prevent dermatitis, skin whitening, but also nourishing.
Look so many benefits, as long as you are willing to pro automatic hand will be able to make a healthy and delicious sesame peanut candy.
Some amount of food every day, but also can satisfy your body.


The main peanut sesame 100g ,sugar 350g ,250g accessories.

1. Prepare ingredients

2. Put the peanut in pan fry over low heat.

3. About half an hour or so, to prevent the paste off stirring constantly.

4. Remove the skin peanut is a bit cold

5. Crushed peanuts, depending on the degree of their favorite.

6. The pot into the sugar

7. Stir sugar melt sugar, boil to some dark color bubbles when the peanut and cooked sesame seeds in a quick stir.

8. Pour the sugar solution on the panel with sesame oil before

9. With a balm to hammer battle pressed peanut candy flat, then cut into small pieces with a knife.


After sugar boil after it is easy to cool, cool will be very hard, so 4 still do must hurry, hard candy bad rolling cut is not good.

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