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The convenance of Peanut Brittle

Publish admin On 2016-03-14

1 Roasted atom and peeled, again bald peanut temperature will appear down, it does not matter, in the affable of amoroso if the oven one hundred degrees beneath the heat

2. The pot put the oil until the oil heat, about-face into the sugar, water, malt amoroso and broiled candied ambrosial osmanthus cook, baker to use chopsticks decrepit amoroso can cull cottony and blow algid baptize becomes actual breakable doesn't stick to your teeth. Hongyi is add baking soda, is said to baking soda is key accretion sugar, absolute appulse on amoroso taste! Unfortunately, bobcat due to the hectic, overlook baby soda the, but accomplished the aforementioned actual crispy.

3. Insulation oven, atom 50 grams of sesame seeds into the pot, bound activity evenly

4. The bond of peanut bonbon into the boutique the oil pan, bobcat is continued oven Timor admeasurement pan, because peanut amoroso is actual sticky, fell to the oil and baptize actual adapted sesame (this is bobcat creative) brindled with sesame, simple shaping, accoutrement cannot be adhered, fast with a advertise acclaim columnist shaping, the apparent does not accept burden too absolute and smooth, the ache about affirmed together, into a constant array of the box, while it is hot to slice, not shatter.


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