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Traditional food production mechanization

Publish admin On 2016-03-16

Traditional food production process is complex, with labor costs rise, and the loss of the old craft, the food gradually fade out the line of sight of people. How to keep the Chinese traditional food, just by veteran artists heritage is far from enough, need to use modern production equipment and technology. In recent years, with the development of food machinery industry, moon cakes, dumplings machine, twist machine, and so on traditional food production facilities are spread to food enterprises, an obvious effect on increasing production, ensure quality.
The traditional food away
Nowadays, urban rapid development, modern architecture, bustling street, tall building, make the people who live in the city gets a lot of convenience. At the same time, the fast pace of life also makes some traditional food and way of life away from us.
Zhengzhou quick-frozen food ingredients engineering technology research center, zhengzhou, gelgoog  food machinery co., LTD.  over the years has been committed to the research of traditional food industrialization, has successfully launched shredded cake, and Fried dough sticks, sesame, sugar cake, kok, egg crust, steamed buns, pies and other traditional foods of modernization and industrialization solution, save the tip of the tongue on the traditional food with equipment suppliers.
With the continuous development of modern cities, like sugar cake, sesame balls, kok, and Fried dough sticks, etc. After this kind of 50, 60 after the childhood delicious snacks are gradually fade out the line of sight of people. In many people's favorite breakfast - sugar cake, for example, people used to eat candy cake is to master alley mouth, buy breakfast stand freshly Fried, just out of the pot sugar cake with a thin layer of outside crisp skin, bite the soft waxy waxy, sweet. However, complicated by technology, food vendor need to get up early, the rent is expensive, artificial factors such as restriction, now selling sugar cake place less and less, only a few food vendor will be rationed, and spread out most of the early focus on relatively easy to make and filling oil head of steamed buns.
"Across the traditional food master craftsmanship, process and time requirements are higher, some traditional process complex food gradually out of sight. Take zhengzhou old piece of Fried dough sticks, steamed stuffed bun, sugar cake, now a lot of food stand, Fried dough sticks into oil or cake of steamed buns, steamed stuffed bun also slowly by hand down, sugar cakes but also don't do or limited supply in order to attract customers." Let big config-ext-qq chairman said.
Zhengzhou diet change is only a microcosm, across the country, are found everywhere in the contradiction between the impact of modern civilization and traditional diet culture. Apart from these traditional food can satisfy the appetite of people, many traditional food production process alone is full of sense of history and culture, on behalf of the people to the memory of an era.
Not afraid of complicated system to explore solutions
Worry about the long term these traditional food will disappear one day, let big initiative to undertake the "traditional snacks industrialization projects", has completed his hand grasp cakes, Fried dough sticks, sugar, cakes, kok, sesame balls, pies, Bai Ji buns, egg cake skin, and other traditional category of industrial research. Every kind of traditional food, modern production capacity to experience mostly "demonstration project - research and development process - match equipment - proposed overall solution" process, such as technological formula really mature, will be officially into the market.
According to config-ext-qq, traditional food gradually fade out the market because its technology is complex, process trival, there are some process is not suitable for modern production. Therefore in the process of traditional food industrialization, let big aspects first will not try to adjust to adapt to the modern production process, and then find the matching equipment to product molding, consider through the frost resistance of the product, frozen tunnel finally consider the taste of products thaw after curing.
"Sugar cake, for example, traditional sugar cake production must be steamed, state is very soft, the adaptability of computer is very poor. At this time should the opposite the main do is improved, can make it through the mixer with noodles, molding." Config-ext-qq explanation, the status of the dough to adjust to not too dry or too thin, not only can make it too big dough mixer, also too small mixer; Forming, is to find a suitable machine can ensure molding, if there are no suitable equipment and equipment manufacturers to develop; Also need to ensure that Fried after the appearance of the product is similar to traditional hand-made to, taste is also acceptable for everyone.
"Of course is the most tedious to do numerous experiments." Config-ext-qq added. Starting from the first step, each step were compared with the state of the manual: handmade bag + Fried, pure manual bag + + Fried, frozen dough and + hand bag + Fried, mixer and + hand bag + + Fried, frozen dough + + Fried, mixer, molding machine molding machine + + Fried, frozen products in each state observation, repeated the experiment many times, finally get optimal parameters. In capacity big, each product have to undergo such a research and development process, for months or even years.
Inheritance and innovation simultaneously
In the process of modernization of traditional food, inheritance and innovation are never parallel. We should innovate on the basis of inheritance, on the basis of innovation development. In config-ext-qq view, traditional food is a "content improved + appearance imitation" industrialization process, completes the traditional taste at the same time, also must go to the development of new pattern, so as to "both recalled memories of old comrades, and to attract young people's appetite", the product can have a big market.
Every development of a new product for the mets for the adaptation of different channels and consumer groups, research various shape and taste. Shredded cake alone, should the big three forms developed and taste, crisp, soft, bentonite is large, respectively, to adapt to the food and beverage, roadside stands, and teppanyaki and channels of the several different places; Pie made a crisp and against the two; Sugar cake is both traditional white sugar, brown sugar, sesame stuffing, and a new fashion of fruits, flowers, such as filling. Next, config-ext-qq also intends to combined with Chinese herbal medicine concept, develop more flavor products.
A number of scientific research achievements, shredded cake is currently the market performance is one of the most successful. Developed, however, not every product has good market, after which, the terminal price is a very important factor. For example, in the frozen food in the production of sugar cake, there are some bad because of the cost is too high to sell to suspend processing cases.
The config-ext-qq analysis, shredded cake market hot because practitioners can put his hand to grasp the bread as the carrier, have the independent pricing power and higher profit margins. In consumer memory, traditional food price is very low, like sugar cake is one yuan a, current quick-frozen food factory to the terminal can only 1 yuan, after doing such dealers and profit margins are small and some practitioners also reluctant to touch.
Config-ext-qq, however, after the industrialization of traditional food market is very bullish, he think the price is only temporary, when demand is objective existence, and the traditional food appear less and less on the market, traditional food nature must carry on the reasonable price. Besides, there are now many large enterprises begin to pay close attention to traditional foods, there are great changes in the market structure and personnel to enter, believe that the traditional food market will soon broke out, behind the market prospect is immeasurable.
In 2016, "zhengzhou quick-frozen food ingredients engineering technology research center" was established in capacity big, this is a sure most of the capacity for scientific research, and more let config-ext-qq career in what they do much a stick to it. He disclosed that the industrialization of traditional food is only the first step, the future may also introduce some Taiwan and Europe and the United States food, development of related products, rich product variety, make great contribution to the modern food industry.

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