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The Origin Of Sesame Sugar

Publish tina On 2017-02-16

The Northern Song Dynasty prime minister Lu Meng is small family poverty, wandering around, often in some temples, and later, and his mother to live in Changde Prefecture northeastern Yonghe County within a temple, that is now Anyang Cao Ma Village Hong Yuan Temple. Temple of the elders, full of economic, and have a unique flavor snack stunt - making sesame sugar. Lu Meng is poor, but his talented, studious, so won the elders seriously. Presbyterian not only taught him to read and write every day, poetry and poetry, but also often enjoy some sesame sugar to enjoy his mother and son. One day, Lv Meng Zheng Jian people with food dedicated to the stove, and he can not serve the stove, he used the temple of sesame sugar stick to the stove painting, future generations will call this candy for the sugar.
sesame candy
Later, Lu Meng is admitted to the champion, when the prime minister. In return for the education of the elders, he expanded the monastery, and dial yellow rice, wheat 500 Tam, sesame 100 Tam, so that the elders sowing sugar production techniques, as the local people to make a living. 1:00, sesame sugar workshop throughout the village. Zhu Yuanzhang created after the Ming Dynasty, several times from the Shanxi area to the Central Plains region of migration, restoration of agricultural production, Cao Ma Village is now engaged in processing of sesame sugar, surnamed Zhou, surnamed Wang, surnamed, and other large family from Shanxi Hongdong County Migrated over. Sesame sugar processing technology to ancestral and apprenticeship of the way down, and later gradually by each family's descendants. Purely handmade Cao Ma sesame sugar because of delicate texture, white bright delicious, sweet and crisp and well-known far and near, was named Yubei Cuisines and "Henan first batch of old."

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