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Caramel Treats Production Line for sell

Publish tina On 2017-02-17

The caramel treats production line is mainly used for the automatic cutting of the nougat Squargha, the nougat is a combination of nougat and saucer, rich in taste, rich in milk, to meet the leisure time and hunger moments of different consumption scenarios, Loved by the vast number of consumers.
The machine is mainly applied to sachima, rice candy, egg cake crisp, corn crisp, melon seeds crisp, black rice crisp and other rectangular. With simple operation, easy to use, large production, cut into a good shape, the length can be adjusted and so on
1. Frequency control, leveling cut a molding
2. With multiple leveling structure, to suppress the formation of uniform thickness
3. Advanced frequency control, to meet your needs of different products
4. Automatic cutting, saving time, labor, economic convenience

caramel treats production line

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