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China Coffee Corn Processing Line

Publish tina On 2017-02-20

This coffee corn processing line is the domestic largest capacity air flow puffing use liquid gas or electric heating. the main object of puffing: soybean, corn, rice, millet, wheat and other grain, large output, low energy consumption, high safety the present domestic puffed food manufacturers one of the necessary equipment.

The production line can produce the current market selling very good corn deep processing products, "do not lose hands", "grain incense", "corn beans" and other crispy puffed corn, raw materials easy to get, simple process, you can do coffee flavor, Creamy taste, sesame flavor, spicy taste and other flavors.

The main equipment for the production of coffee corn beans is steaming pot, hot air oven, large air extruder, mixing machine, the use of factory production of coffee and corn production line to solve the original many manufacturers use "small gun", production is small, the quality of instability, High cost of the problem. To produce the product shape color uniform, uniform particle size, taste crisp fragrance.

The production line by the insulation mixer, flattening machine, cross-cutting machine, vertical cutting machine and other components, automated one-stop production. The appearance of the machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is suitable for the automatic molding of rice and sugar, such as rice candy, nuts crisp, egg cake cakes and corn cakes.

coffee corn processing line

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