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Puffed Cereal Bar Production Line price

Publish tina On 2017-02-22

The Puffed Cereal Bar Production Line is used for making all kinds of cereal bar such as puffed rice bar,puffed corn bar,puffed oats bar,puffed wheat bar and puffed millet bar.

This production line including cereal puffing machine,sugar cooking pot,mixing machine, molding machine and packing machine.
Main performance and structural features:
1, turntable covers an area of small, up and down installation of refrigeration systems;
2, no gas source, direct production does not destroy the food organizational structure;
3, Rotary turntable, automatic cutting, automatic filling;
4, no need to adjust, positioning accuracy, yield;
5, food forming effect is good, non-stick mold, easy stripping;
6, the drive system is simple and clear, easy maintenance of machinery;

puffed cereal bar production line


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