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Sachima Production Line With Best Quality

Publish tina On 2017-02-23

Sachima production line adopt advanced mechanical structure, combined with traditional requirements, with automatic electrical operating system, so that production to achieve full automation to reduce costs and improve production efficiency. The machine continuous feeding, automatic pressure type, automatic cross-cutting, automatic vertical cutting composition, leveling the thickness of moderate thickness uniform. The use of frequency adjustment PLC computer touch screen control, cutting the size of precision, forming a positive degree of good.

Machine continuous production, the middle without artificial links, to achieve a truly automated, intelligent operations.
The machine is suitable for sachima, Qima cakes, rice candy and so on.
Imitate the principle of artificial cutting, the use of advanced motor control technology, horizontal, vertical automatic cutting, cutting the size of the box can be set.
Reasonable design, compact structure, automatic control of cutting speed, automatic feeding, automatic knife cutting, and product appearance neat appearance.

sachima production line

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