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The Calories Of Peanut Sugar

Publish tina On 2017-03-14

Sugar is often used in life seasoning, and perhaps can also be used for direct consumption such as peanut sugar, it is a sugar in a variety. The calories of food determine how much energy it can provide, and what factors can lead to weight gain. So understanding the heat of food is very critical. Only to know this right in order to let us better to eat it.
peanut sugar
The main material of peanut sugar is made from peanuts, so its nutritional value of the proportion of peanut nutrient components relative to the other is very large. We know to eat sweets, is very easy to gain weight, so for the sweet food or eat less good. But the main thing is to look at the proportion of the ingredients contained in these foods, then the amount of calories in peanut sugar is it?

Peanut sugar is made of clean peanuts, sucrose, liquid glucose, (ie, chemical caramel). Summer climate is hot and humid. Sugar easy to sand sticky or mildew, should not be more production. Peanut sugar sweet crisp, inexpensive, is the vast majority of consumers are extremely fond of food. Peanut sugar calories (100 grams of edible part of the total) is 468 kcal (1958 kJ), the unit calorie higher. Per 100 grams of peanut sugar heat about the Chinese Nutrition Society recommended ordinary adults to maintain a healthy daily intake of 20% of total calories.

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