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Rice Krispies Treat Machine for sell

Publish tina On 2017-03-13

The rice krispies treat machine shell made of 304 stainless steel, in line with the requirements of QS on food machinery, from the mixing, a molding, secondary molding, automatic stripping, cooling and other components of the composition, to complete the rice, wheat, melon seeds crisp, Peanut crisp, sesame crisp and other food stamping molding. Shaped shape for the cylindrical, rectangular, square type, round cake type, spherical and some special shape
Technical performance: the machine continuous feeding, from the automatic flattening, automatic cross-cutting, automatic vertical cutting composition; double automatic leveling, leveling the density of moderate, uniform thickness; using frequency adjustment, cutting the size of precision, Machine continuous production, the middle without manual connection, to achieve a truly automatic, intelligent operations.

Scope: Shchima, rice candy, egg Shao crisp, melon seeds crisp, peanut crisp, sesame crisp and other food automatic cut into pieces.

rice krispies treat machine

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