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How Much You Know About The Rice Krispies Treat

Publish tina On 2017-03-15

Seventies and eighties, rice krispies home essential, adults and children all like it. Rice, wheat by the Japanese new technology after the production of coke and delicious, fragrant slightly bitter chocolate flavor by the vast number of consumers like. Japan will be called "rice pass" "wheat pass", it and China's traditional food "rice candy" is very similar, but "rice pass" "wheat pass" crisp and delicious, both imports, non-stick teeth, sweetness Moderate, long time to eat is not greasy.
Rice krispies treat, also known as squeezing food, blasting food, light food, is in recent years the international development of a new type of food. It is the grain, beans, potato and other raw materials, the expansion of the equipment processing, to create a wide variety, compact appearance, nutrient-rich, crisp and delicious food. Therefore, the unique form of a large category of food. As the production of this puffed food equipment is simple, easy to operate, equipment investment, income is fast, so the development was very fast, and showed great vitality.

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