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Sweet And Salty Peanut Granola Bars

Publish tina On 2017-11-03

Homemade uncooked peanut granola bars, filled with peanut flavor, topped with delicious peanut butter. Only six ingredients are made! These are really granola bars... Or more decadent?
Since I was hiking in the UK (by the way, one is called "the top of the mountain area" the beautiful national park region) after tried something like that, I have always wanted to do something like this sweet and salty peanut granola bars. Because, you know, hiking is a great opportunity to get your face and granola to eat, especially those smug homemade foods!
Before I go down, I'd better say this: the peanut butter cap is parked here, because there's a lot of stuff hanging in these bars! Not only do you use peanut butter (and honey) to tie oats, rice crackers and peanuts together, but also use it to make a layer of chocolate coating and immerse the chocolate bar.
These bars are unbaked and contain only six ingredients, making them very easy to make. Heat the peanut butter with honey, then pour in oats, rice crackers and peanuts. Mix well, press into the can and cut into strips half an hour after freezing.
Like granola, I would say that these things are sweeter and richer than the average. If I were honest, they would almost taste like a more decadent biscuit/cake. I think they're delicious, but if you want them to be a little bit lighter, you can completely skip white chocolate and peanut butter.
Briefly introduce the coating. You only need to use about 100 grams of white chocolate, but make sure you melt in a bowl or plate is small enough, this white chocolate deep enough into but is enough big, so you can put the whole bar. If you only have a bigger bowl, eat more chocolate - I'm sure you'll use it later to lick the bowl.

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