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What Is Nougat?

Publish tina On 2017-11-06

Nougat is also called meringue, which is a semi-soft confection made from the inflatable process, such as protein, syrup and nuts. The section can be seen with more fine holes, loose structure and fine tissue. Its English name is Nougag, which translates to "cow rolling", which is actually not related to cattle. It is also translated into sugar and candy. There is also a highly inflatable type of protein sugar, which has a plump appearance and a softer tissue. The English name is Marshmallow, which translates as Marshmallow or maltose and is translated as Marshmallow.
Nougat special raw material is egg protein, it is a kind of hydrophilic colloid, when rapid mixing can be mixed with a large number of air, forming and it's stable foam adsorption layer contains a lot of bubbles, when into boil to a concentration of sugar solution, under the condition of continuous mixing, sugar and other ingredients can be evenly distributed in the protein foam, make originally the thin and soft foam organization becomes strong, solid, and gradually in order to improve the stress and the structural integrity of the sugar body, often to join nuts or nut and filling material, made of such as almond nougat, pine nut nougat, peanut nougat, etc. In order to increase the slippage and easy forming of the nougat, add a small amount of oil to the protein candy bar. Nougat is generally white and colorable, such as a light brown chocolate nougat. In order to increase its aroma, various spices are also added, such as vanilla nougat.

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