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Cereal Puffing Machines For Rice Wheat

Publish tina On 2017-11-02

The cereal puffing machine is mainly puffing rice, wheat, corn, buckwheat, buckwheat, beans, etc., it is a good helper for rice wheat, buckwheat, rice sugar, sweet wheat kernel, crispy corn and other food. Maximum keep the wheat, rice, millet, corn, buckwheat etc coarse grains, the original flavor, color, nourishment composition, is m TongMai primary processing ideal food processing machinery, is a crisp coffee production such as corn, buckwheat cereal ideal processing equipment. Compared with traditional flow tank, the structure is simple. Easy to operate; Lead-free expansion; Speed; Good job performance, good quality of products produced, better taste, and popular with consumers.
The mechanical characteristics:
1. Large output: one can puffed 10kg of rice at one time, 9kg of glutinous corn in the southwest and 7kg in the north, at least 1kg more than normal.
2. Province worker: a skilled worker can operate 3 sets.
3. Short heating time: it only takes 6 minutes for puffed corn.
4. Save energy: the finished product is lower than the normal energy consumption.
5. Safe and convenient operation: four safety insurance, provincial inspection, lower labor intensity, humanized design, easy operation of workers.
6. It is convenient to collect materials,
7.Reduce noise.

cereal puffing machine

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