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Peanut Dryer And Roaster Machine For Sale

Publish tina On 2017-11-01

This peanut dryer roaster machine is mainly used for peanut, fava beans, coffee beans, seeds, nuts, nuts and other nuts. Using rotary cage. Air convection. Infrared radiation principle. Heat is generated through the work of the electric heating tube, and the materials are dried by infrared radiation and hot air convection. The baked goods taste pure. During the heating process, the drum is continuously rotating, so that the materials are heated evenly, so there will be no blobs. It has energy saving and safety. It is convenient and easy to operate.
Our factory is made of stainless steel plate punching hole, which is five times longer than the normal screen life. Exclusive clutch design, all the parts are precision machined to prevent the sudden power loss caused unnecessary loss.

Automatic control temperature. 0-300 degrees free adjustment, with manual clutch, prevent sudden power failure to avoid waste.

peanut dryer roaster machine

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