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Product Sweet Rice Candy Bar Making Machine

Publish tina On 2017-11-09

Rice candy bar can be said to be the most people a beautiful memory of childhood, when I was a child in grandma's hand a meters flower sugar is the source of happiness, today's rice candy bar making machine becomes a sweet machine.
The rice candy making machine makes rice candy, which retains the flavor and method of making rice sugar by hand, and is better and more productive than the artificial rice sugar. When production will first through the steamed glutinous rice and the method of sand fry turned it into a small white fat, although this step by Fried can also achieve a goal, but in order to save oil so mostly adopt the way of sand fry for processing. It is then served with white sugar and caramel syrup and a small amount of peanut kernels. After stirring, it is poured into the box and made into cubes. After the cut, the sweet rice sugar is made.
rice candy bar making machine

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