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How Cutting Peanut Candy?

Publish tina On 2017-11-08

Peanut candy bar cutting machine is mainly used for cutting all kinds of pastries,for example,peanut candy,sesame candy,peanut nougat,turkish soft candy,etc candy my factory developed. The machine is precisely blanking. The smooth incision is the same size. Especially suitable for the use of a bakery. Simple operation, quick discharge speed and low wear rate. It can not only shorten the operation time of the workers, but also greatly improve the whole production efficiency.
The peanut candy cutter machine has advantage of operating simply,using conveniently, producing in large quantity, cutting for good shape, adjusting length arbitrarily.
We also have peanut candy forming machine,it can connect with the peanut candy cutting machine.
If you need the machine,you can contact us.

peanut candy bar cutting machine

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