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How To Remove The Roasted Peanuts Skins In a Jiffy?

Publish tina On 2017-09-27

There are many tasty recipes that can be used with roasted peanuts, such as peanut cookies, Achar, Kok Chai (peanut puffs), peanut butter or Kuah Kacang, for ketupat or satay, or peanut butter. Personally, when I need to use them to make a recipe, I prefer to bake my own peanuts, because the items I sell in the store are not fresh and oily. However, removing skin from them is a hassle. 
You won't believe it, but I learned this way, from my 12-year-old son, out of roasted peanuts.
Last year, I baked a lot of cookies for the Chinese New Year, and I needed a kilo of roasted peanuts for two kinds of cookies -- peanut crackers and horned sticks (recipes). You won't believe it, but it took me a long time to get rid of the skin, not to mention my thumb and forefinger, and remove the skin from all the peanut friction.
The work much easier, if you have a compound or garden, you can simply daub roasted peanuts, with the hand basket or vibration plate filter at the same time, peanuts contain any breeze would lift the skin to fall into the grass. But if you live in an apartment or don't want to mess up your yard, you'll have to slowly rub your skin with your thumb and forefinger slowly.
Anyway, when I had a recipe called roasted peanuts, I decided to ask my youngest son to help me get rid of the roasted peanuts, and I was focused on preparing other ingredients for that recipe. Well, you know the kids... As children, they will come up with any clever ideas to keep their chores as small as possible, as little as possible!
So, my son came up with an idea, with a plastic colander and a plastic cup to complete the task, you know, he took only ten minutes to complete the work, rather than an hour, minus the thumb and index finger pain!
This is the way
1) put some of the old newspapers on the sink and put the peanuts in your kitchen. Don't make a mess of them, roll them up and throw them away
2) place the cooled roasted peanuts in a plastic colander - some of the skin will fall out of the hole into the sink
3) pack the plastic cup, put four fingers in the cup and thumb out of the cup. Hold the glass tightly in this way, grind the bottom of the cup, and then you will see that the skin will fall out very quickly
4) at the same time, gently shake the pan several times to lose some of the skin in the hole at the bottom
Once every two minutes, lightly blow the peanuts and blow the skin out of the colander. Or, if you don't think it's too sanitary, crush the skin and make them thinner so they fall out of the hole in the filter

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