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How Much Do You Know Peanut Brittle Machine?

Publish tina On 2017-09-29

Peanut brittle machine is mainly used for food processing and forming and cutting.Production in medium and large food industries. Such as: satsuma, rice candy, rice bar, frozen rice candy, sesame candy bar, peanut candy (peanut candy bar), sunflower seed candy bar, coarse grain, cereal bar and other styling and cutting.
1. The peanut brittle machine product is an automatic molding, cutting grain and grain cutting machine. Due to mature technology, large output and simple operation.
2. This machine is used for rice candy, peanut candy and seed candy. It can change different molds and produce all kinds of products.
3. The length of the project cooling transmission link can be changed, and the cooling fan can be configured as needed to improve the cooling effect.
peanut brittle machine

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