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Cereal Bar Production Line Feature

Publish tina On 2017-09-26

The cereal bar shapes can be various,for instance,round type,round bar,square type,semi-circle type,and triangular type.
The cereal bar production line is automatic spread material,automatic stamping,automatic cooling and automatic demoulding.its capacity is 150-180kg/h.
This Multi-function automatic forming machine is mainly used for round ball, cylinder type by grains such as rice and wheat, corn, black rice, rice crisp, melon seeds crisp type products.
1. Work rotating disk cover small area, refrigeration function
2. Do not need air source, direct production does not destroy product organization
3. A rotating hopper, automatic decoy and automatic filling material
4. Good shape, non-stick mould
5. The rotation system is concise and clear

cereal bar production line

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