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Peanut Sesame Roasting Machine For Sale

Publish tina On 2017-10-25

Peanut sesame roasting machine is a professional equipment for baking and drying of small grain crops such as sesame, mung bean, soybean and wheat. It can be used in single machine and can be used in various production lines.
Characteristics of peanut sesame roasting machine:
1. Adopt the new intelligent electronic digital display temperature control device to automatically control the temperature, so that the baked materials can be evenly heated.
2. Automatic lifting function of sesame oven, high degree of automation. Can make the baking material come out automatically and clean once.
3. The baked sesame and other materials are full and evenly colored.
4. Heating method: electric heating, gas heating and coal heating.

peanut sesame roasting machine

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