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What Do You Need To Pay Attention To Using Peanut Machine?

Publish tina On 2017-10-23

Peanut machinery including a variety of mechanical equipment, such as peanut dry peeling machine and wet peanut peeling machine, chopper peanut, peanut roasting machine, etc. the present application is more extensive, and save a lot of artificial for people, here, take a look at, using peanut machinery need to be aware of all kinds of things.
1. Check whether all the fasteners are tightened and whether there is grease in each bearing, whether the rotating part is flexible and whether it is placed on a stationary ground.
2. To check the power supply voltage, the switch must be in a disconnection position.
3. After the motor starts, the steering should be in accordance with the direction indicated on the machine tool. For the first few minutes, confirm that the operation is normal before feeding the peanuts.
4. When the peanut is brought in, it should be uniform and moderate, and should not contain debris or rocks, so as not to cause mechanical accidents.
5. When the peanut shells are increased, the motor can be moved down to tighten the fan belt and blow up the air volume.
6. When operating, do not stand on the side of the belt to avoid hurting people.
7. When the machine is ready to be used, it should eliminate the dirt and dirt of its appearance and the remaining seeds and other sundries. The machine should be covered in a dry warehouse to avoid the sun and rain.
Remove the transmission belt and remove it for further storage.
9. Clean the bearings with diesel oil and apply grease after drying.
10. Maintain sufficient lubricating grease in the driving part and bearing room and regularly clean and replace it.

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