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The Maintenance Method Of Peanut Peeling Machine

Publish tina On 2017-10-20

Peanut peeling machine as one of the important equipment, maintenance is very important.
Peanut peeling machine adopts v-belts transfer. A new belt in use after a period of time, as a result of the action of tensile elongation and will gradually appear slack, so want to periodically check the drive belt tensioning degree and the coordination with the parts of the gap is appropriate, timely adjust. During operation, often should pay attention to the machine's speed, sound, temperature is normal. Every finished off a species or a day job finished, shall stop check whether all bearing overheating and various parts of the pin is loose fastening screw, key, if found loose should tighten at any time, every time after operation, rub fruit machine sieve bottom, namely scales plate hole seam use wire brush to clean up regularly. In processing after the season, will be a big inspection machine. Check the operation and the wear of the bearing; Check for deformation or crack at the bottom;

peanut peeling machine

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