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Choose High Quality Peanut Peeling Machine

Publish tina On 2017-10-19

Every year the peanut harvest season, the candy festival comes, the people who like candy are happy. Various kinds of peanut candy, peanut cakes and other sweets, and all kinds of cakes, too many places use peanuts, why is it there? Peanut nutrition content is high, nutrition value is also tall, and old and small all appropriate! Delicious!
How do you make a pastry candy, a peanut, and most of the time a white nut and a peanut? It's too unrealistic to make a peanut skin, so here's a piece of equipment for taking off the peanuts: the peanut peeling machine!
The peanut - dry skin peeling machine, also known as the peanut leather peeling machine. Used to remove the outer coat of the cooked peanut, with a rate of over 99%. Is mainly used to replace artificial peanuts red, high output, a machine more than 10 artificial production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, take off the red can be recycled, want to know what medicine peanut red can be used to treat low blood platelets. The equipment is easy to operate and the automation is high, it is a kind of easy to use dehide equipment.
peanut peeling machine

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