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Peanuts Are Highly Profitable

Publish tina On 2017-10-25

People in the industry say that peanuts will be more profitable after further processing, and that export profits will be $50 a tonne more than that of the dermal peanut. Deep processing of export products has also been the state shall encourage, although now company, Fried peanuts, peanut butter processing exports also is less, but this is a big trend, the company will continue to expand the sale of finished goods deep processing of peanuts.
Recently, the general administration of customs decided to classify "peel peanuts" as "baked peanuts", with an export rebate rate of 15%. The personage inside course of study thinks, the policy will make peanut export processing enterprises obtain export tax rebate income is 300 million yuan every year, the tax rebate policy was stable, encounter "trapped" at home and abroad since the beginning of the year the peanut export industry, is expected to "coming back to life".
In the "army" of peanut exports, peeling peanuts is a "fist product" of export earnings. The peanut, which is used as a reprocessed food or snack, is popular with foreign users. Qingdao luoshan nut co., LTD. Completed a peeling peanut processing plant last August, but in the first half of this year, the export of peeling peanuts fell by about 20%, and the factory was idle.
However, the "peeling peanut" product experienced a variety of processing procedures such as baking, cooling and peeling, which are different from ordinary peanut raw materials. Considering the ein adjustment will be a major influence on the peanut industry, Qingdao customs immediately start the tax research program, on the basis of fully listen to various opinions to the general administration of customs proposed explicitly "peeling peanuts" tariff classification adjustment Suggestions, also suggested that reflect business departments, industry associations to the Treasury Department, adjust the product export tax rebates.


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