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Peanut Brittle Machine Factory

Publish tina On 2017-10-26

Peanut brittle machine is mainly used for the food processing and molding produced in medium and large food industry.such as: Satsuma, Rice candy, Rice bar, Frozen rice candy, Sesame candy bar, Peanut brittle(peanut candy bar), Sunflower seeds candy bar, Coarse grains, Cereal bar and other molding and cutting.
The Peanut candy machine control the speed with the best frequency changer in China, according to peanut candy different sizes,the machine was controlled by the PLC computer,and it is simple to operate and is the ideal equipment to cut the block for the modern food industry.
1.This machine is used to forming and cutting cereals in the same size automaticly.Thanks to mature technology,it is large output and easy to operation.
 2.The machine applies to rice candy,peanut candy, and sesame seed candy.It can change different moulds and produce various sorts of products.
3.The length of the cooling conveying links can be changed and cooling fans can be equipped based as required ,so as to enhance the cooling effect.

peanut brittle machine

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