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Peanut Roaster Machine china

Publish tina On 2017-02-08

Peanut roasting machine is used for fried barley, bitter buckwheat, peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts and other dozens of roasted food, a machine, with green, , Is the most ideal of the most advanced roasted seeds and nuts equipment.

The machine has stable performance, adopts belt drive, reasonable layout, low power consumption, high efficiency, safety, health, with casters, easy to move, the machine is easy to operate, mix evenly, rotate normal roasted goods in the direction of rotation, Roasted seeds and nuts, very convenient, is a good helper for business.

The machine is suitable for fried beans, barley, buckwheat, fried chestnuts, fried peanuts, fried melon seeds, fried walnuts, fried sesame seeds, fried, fried beans, fried sesame seeds, fried sesame seeds, fried Beans, fried rice, fried hazelnut, fried pine nuts, fried pistachios and other dried fruit food.

peanut roasting machine

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