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Hot sell Peanut Roaster Machine

Publish tina On 2017-02-04

Peanut roaster machine is suitable for processing all kinds of nuts and nuts food, such as: chestnut, peanuts, melon seeds, pine nuts, hazelnuts, rapeseed, coffee beans, sesame seeds and herbs.
The machine can use liquefied gas or coal as a heating source, automatic rotation, automatic stir fry, automatic pan, the machine uses advanced roller horizontal structure, roller heating uniformity, and insulation function, the work of drum rotation, Roasted food up and down around. before and after, all-dimensional three-dimensional stir-fry, no sticky pot phenomenon, just press the positive and negative switch, the motor not only lead roller reversal, roasted seeds and small pebbles will be together with the pan, automatic separation, quickly and quickly, save effortlessly, clean and hygienic.
The roasting machine with a fully enclosed drum design, with green, energy saving insulation, luxury health, convenient, saving time and labor, the higher the yield advantage of performance.

peanut roaster machine

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