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Introduction of stainless steel jacketed kettle

Publish sherry On 2017-02-14

Stainless steel jacketed kettle is used widely for food,candy,meat,pharmacy and chemical industry to cook and boil.It has 2 kinds of heating means: by steam or electrical.
We can add the agitator and cover according to your needs.
Stainless steel jacketed kettle 
This Jacketed Boiling Kettle consists of boiler body, stir device,tilting system,worm wheel,worm rod and the boiler body can be rotated within 90 degree.

All the materials in contact with food is made of stainless steel,has the feature of resistant to corrosion which is in accordance with GMP Standard.

We supply all types and sizes of kettles to various processing industries. Some of these processing industries include food, beverage, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, fruit & vegetable, sauce and dressing, cosmetics, food protein, lotions, candy and many other processing industries.

We can offer all types and sizes of processing kettles, depending on your needs, such as steam jacketed, double motion agitated, triple motion agitated, scrape surface agitated, self contained, gas-fired, electrically heated, tilt-type, vacuum type, high shear agitated, single motion agitated, pressure, cooking, cooker/cooler and all other types.

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