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History And Legends of Sesame Candy

Publish tina On 2017-02-28

Sacrifice is an ancient custom, originated in the agricultural society, the object of worship is the legendary kitchen god - Zujun Jun. Anyang folklore, Zujun is in charge of the stove of God only, every year before the twelfth lunar month twenty-three back to the days of the post, to the Jade Emperor reported a year in the mortal knowledge, the New Year to return to the post. People want to cook "good words on the day, the lower bound security." Anyang people in this day to eat sesame sugar, its meaning: First, sweet, begging sweet words; Second, sticky, stick to its mouth, so that it does not say bad things in heaven. Old, from this day on, but also to the debt debt owed debt debt gate, so there are terrible sesame sugar said. Anyang area along the eastern part of the spread is also a "sacrifice king" song: year twelfth lunar month twenty-three, home home are king of heaven. For the upper sesame sugar, eat sweet and fragrant. God good words, back to the palace down auspicious. Spring early rain, autumn grain full warehouse. Everyone is good, everyone burn incense. Burn incense only high incense burned, burning high incense and credit. Year of rice full of clothing and warm, lotus pot by the high fragrance.
sesame candy
According to legend, the Northern Song Dynasty prime minister Lu Meng is a small family poverty, wandering around, often in some monks borrowed, and later, and his mother living in the east of Changde House Yonghe County, a temple, that is now Anyang County Cao Ma Village Hongyuan Temple. Temple of the elders, full of economic, and have a hand-made snacks stunt - making sesame sugar. Lu Meng is diligent, but he is talented, studious, so won the elders seriously. Elders not only teach him every day reading literacy, poetry for Fu, but also often reward some sesame sugar to his mother and child taste. One day, Lvmon was seeing the people with food for Zujun, and he did not have anything for the stove, they use the temple of sesame candy stick to the stove on the painting, the descendants called the sugar for the stove. Later, Lu Meng was admitted to the champion, when the prime minister. In order to repay the education of the elders of the grace, he expanded the monastery, and dialed rice, wheat 500, the sesame 100 burden, so that the elders Guangji sesame sugar production skills, as the local people to make a living. At first, the sesame sugar workshop throughout the village.

 Zhu Yuanzhang after the creation of the Ming Dynasty, several times from the Shanxi area to the Central Plains region immigrants to restore agricultural production, Cao Ma village is now engaged in sesame sugar processing Zhou surname, Wang surname, surname, surnamed and so large is from Shanxi Hongdong County Migrated over. Sesame sugar processing technology is also the ancestral and apprentices way inherited down, and later gradually by the families of their descendants.

Handmade Cao Ma sesame candy for the delicate texture, white bright and delicious, sweet and crisp and famous, was named the northern Henan and "Henan first batch of old and famous."

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