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Peanut Brittle Molding Machine manfacturer

Publish tina On 2017-03-01

Peanut brittle molding machine consist of insulation mixer, pressing machine, cut machine, vertical cutting machine parts, such as automated one-stop production. the machine appearance choose 304 stainless steel material. suitable for peanut crisp, melon seeds, caramel treats, nut crisp, crisp egg , corn and other coarse grains food series automatic forming.
1, mechanical soft pressure, no damage to nuts particles, forming beautiful; direct molding, no rework waste and loss.
2, the device moving around cutting, forming a good degree.
3, the configuration of high-performance inverter, easy speed, high efficiency; stable performance, 24-hour high-speed continuous production.
4, mold, hopper and other aspects have done anti-sticking treatment.
5, access to the food all the places, are non-toxic materials, and high oil resistance.
6, since the cold transport links, according to the need to change the length or install the cooling fan to improve the cooling effect.

peanut brittle molding machine

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