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High Efficiency Make Peanut Brittle

Publish tina On 2017-09-20

In the past, people always make peanut candy by their hands, this method usually need manpower, material resources and time consumption, can't do a lot of peanuts, sugar, oneself use handmade peanut candy is usually don't have hot Fried peanuts, peanut candy made of black color and flavor.
We don't have to worry about the occurrence of peanut sugar machine. The peanut candy equipment can be customized according to the requirement by cutting peanut candy, sesame sugar, melon seed sugar and candy size. Peanut sugar making machine is easy to operate and slicing evenly, it is individual industrial and commercial, large and medium-sized factory replacement manual cutter will choose equipment. Greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve production efficiency and reduce labor cost.
The peanut brittle production line is stirred by heating, reciprocating pressure, automatic cutting, simple operation, uniform mixing, finished product size, and the consistency of gram. The far infrared heating, do not touch the barrel wall, stirring evenly, non-stick pan. Automatic pressure control of reciprocating motion, average level. Automatic cutting, forming.

peanut brittle production line

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