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Start Peanut Chikki Business

Publish tina On 2017-09-21

The process is very simple. The groundnut kernel is roasted, removing the outer layer of red skin
They split up in a divided machine. If it's sesame or dried coconut
Baked and small pieces of coconut are handmade. Meanwhile jaggery was boiled
Water is formed until the sticky syrup is formed and then filtered to remove the excess particles. So hot
Syrup and peanut split open or roasted sesame or roasted coconut slices mixed
Then pour the mixture into the tray to dry. About two hours later, little square
Small pieces are cut and individual pieces are packaged in plastic. The process flow.
peanut chikki

Considering the size of the market, the proposed rated capacity is 15 tons
Each month or annually 180 tons, there are two shift work and 300 working days each year.
Adding capacity does not require huge capital investment, nor does it take time, so moderation is needed
The ability to suggest.
Miscellaneous assets
Providing 50,000 rupees is enough to take care of other assets, such as furniture and
Fixed device, exhaust fan, electricity, storage facilities, etc.
Utility company
All important requirements are ovens. You can also use coal or
Wood. The power demand is 7.5 horsepower and the daily water requirement is 800-1000
L. The total expenditure of public utilities is 100%.
The raw materials
The main ingredients are peanut kernel, sesame, dried coconut and raw sugar.
The peanut chikki is very popular, so 60% of the total output will be peanuts
Chikkies. A small amount of essence is needed.


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