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Cereal Bar Making Machine Supplier

Publish tina On 2017-09-19

GELGOOG company development of automatic cereal bar making machine realizes the soft mechanical pressure molding, make food molding more rules, the appearance is more beautiful. The peanut and other materials are mixed with sugar and then poured into the lower hopper of the molding machine. The molding machine automatically divides, the cloth, the soft pressure, the cooling, the stripping, the delivery of the finished product. With a speed of 34560 / h, it can be matched with 2--3 automatic pillow packaging machines.
Features of cereal bar machine:
1. Use program control, design advanced, run smoothly, without impact, without shaking.
2. The mould and hopper are carefully designed and made with food grade materials and safe and hygienic
3. The electronic eye tracking of the molding system is in the position, the two stages mechanical rectifying, accurate positioning and high yield
4. Material automatic fabric, automatic feeding, automatic stripping, automatic transmission can realize unmanned operation, high yield
5. The width of the square shape can be widely suitable for large-scale production of rice, wheat, melon and peanut sugar.

cereal bar machine

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