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Which Machine Can Produce Sesame Candy?

Publish tina On 2017-08-11

Sesame candy machine is mainly used to cut the mixed cereals products into required sizes and cool them down.the machine is controlled by two inverters which allow it finish the cross cut by one machine.and the machine allows operator to set the required cutting length and width in advance,it is quite simple to operate.

1.The stirring,leveling and cutting three process integrated together. it is without human connection among them,the machine has realized the real automatic and intelligent operation.and improve the production efficiency,also can save the human cost.
2.The machine has many reforming flat structure,suppression smooth,uniform thickness.the machine cutting speed automatic control,square size can be customized.
3. The sesame candy bar making machine is convenient and efficient,easy to operation.
4.This sesame candy forming machine can continuous slitting and cutting,improving produce efficiency,the output can reach 2000pcs/min.
5,Automatic laying material,pressing flat,cooling,cutting and forming.
6,The speed can be adjusted.

sesame candy machine

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