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Where Can Buy Sesame Candy Machine?

Publish tina On 2017-09-06

The sesame candy machine is mainly suitable for caramel treats, swelled candy, rice, corn crisp, melon seeds crisp, black rice crisp that are square. It has advantage of operating simply, using conveniently, producing in large quantity, cutting for good shape, adjusting length arbitrarily. Recently it is popular in the market.
The machine mainly produces any length times the width, the thickness is less than 12mm of sesame candy, peanut candy, lactose and other candy.
High machine efficiency, low energy consumption, low failure rate, small footprint, convenient operation.
The characteristics of sesame candy making machine
1. Work dual frequency conversion control, one adjustment of the cuttings.
2. There are many flat structures, pressed flat and uniform thickness.
3. The advanced motor speed control can meet the requirements of different products.
4. Automatic cutting, saving time, saving labor, economy, convenience.

sesame candy machine

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