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Turkish Soft Candy Origin

Publish tina On 2017-05-26

Turkish soft candy is a Turkish dessert made from starch and sugar. It is usually flavored with rose perfume, frankincense and lemon. Rose perfume gives its light pink color. Turkish delight in gel, soft and elastic texture, like jelly, and a certain viscosity, exquisite packaging, usually is made into small cubes, sprinkle powdered sugar or coconut kernel dry to avoid pleurodesis. Some Turkish jelly beans are added to tiny nuts, such as pistachios, hazelnuts or walnuts. In addition, cinnamon and mint are also more common. In the production process, the additive such as stone alkali grass may be added as an emulsifier.

About how it is out of the Istanbul, there was a British people like Turkish delight, then bought a box to the UK, and officially named "Turkish delight". It soon became famous throughout Europe. Picasso used to eat Turkish delight when he finished his work. Churchill and his favourite Turkish delight, Turkish delight.

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