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Good Quality Protein Bar Making Machine

Publish tina On 2017-05-22

The protein bar making machine adopts food-level materials to design and fabricate mold and hopper,which is safe and healthy.This machine can make round ball,round rod,round cake,square.If we want to make different shapes,we can change the mold.But One machine just can make two shapes.according to the request of you,we can customize various specifications of the products.We can change the voltage and frequency freely.
1. Rotary small area,up and down cooling.
2. No natural gas supply,direct production of goods will not damage the organization
3. Rotary hopper,auto fill auto populated.
4. Good forming effect,non-stick mold easy to shape.
5. Simple operation,simple driving,easy to learn.
6. The circuit is simple and does not require direct maintenance.

protein bar making machine

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